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In the current scenario of today’s world, the field of fire and safety have lots of importance. That is why there is lots of jobs requirement available in the field of fire and safety. Akash Institute of fire and safety providing you a platform to make your successful career in fire and safety

Franchise Opportunity

AKASH INSTITUTE OF FIRE & SAFETY is an organization which provide platform to the student  for making their carrier in the field of fire & safety. We not only educated the student but also look for their future by offering them good job opportunities, practical organizing seminar, attachment in govt. and private sector.

AIFS have our own fire safety installation company on the name of Universal fire agency , Indiver fire protection and Royal Job Services  which find best jobs for the students.

AIFS is also offering Business by offering franchise at regional level. Partners will be finalized in the next 14th days in order to take advantage of admission.

To apply, submit the attached form immediately.
Interested parties must be able to meet the minimum Infrastructure along with an investment depending upon town /city of their choice .

If you need any Information, please do not hesitate, e-mail us or Call us +917057111101.